Both Feet Firm on the Ground

My dad was an architect, he worked and helped design gorgeous homes and living spaces for other families and even our own. As a boy growing up, curious and excited to see what my dad was doing and learn all that I could about what he did I learned valuable lessons when it comes to building a reliable and beautiful home.

The first thing and most important step of all is to assess the land. Is it on a mountain side or on a flat dessert plain? Is there going to be dry air a majority of the year or should I expect a lot of snow? How is the ground underneath my feet is it soft and wet or more dry and coarse? This is where the foundation of the home is going to be placed into and we need to asses how we are going to establish and develop a strong foundation for the home to be build on. 

Following the foundation comes the walls and the roof top. The walls maintain the shape and allow for vertical growth. It defines the boundaries and entirety of the home. The roof atop has to be also nice to look at and compliment the house. 

As we spoke more about the strategic method towards constructing a house appropriately, the focus on the conversation changed and no longer were we talking of concrete and drywall but now we were talking about decision in life. The decision to create our life in a strategic method is similar to that of constructing a house. It all starts with the foundation. The core elements of where you came from, and who you are at your most true form. Remember, without a strong foundation the house will fall right through the ground. Our foundation is developed through our experiences growing up and what morals and ethical values we hold to be true. These will guide you in all the decisions you make through your life and it is essential to hold honorable to your own code of living. 

The most important laws are the ones you place on yourself

The hardest part of building a house to last for years is when mother natures unforgiving power brings havoc towards your home. This is not different than the conflict we experience in our own lives and often times we will experience some havoc being brought uninvitedly. This is where having a strong foundation to understand your core value and place both feet firm on the ground to what you hold to be true will allow you to remain standing. 

We may have been mainly talking about houses the whole time to what I remember but I learned another lesson about setting the standards to how I choose to live my life and sticking to my word. Our word is as honorable as we make it to be, and if we make promises to others and keep them, then we need to be able to make promises to ourselves and honor them as well. If you have a mission or are raising the standard of your own life and are making an oath of change and progress towards a greater life then you must learn to honor your word. Only once you honor your own word, will others begin to honor your word as well.  

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