Run Past the Finish Line

Today is November 30th, and with the end of the year only 31 days away this year has been quite the journey. Within this year alone I have left my job from last year and progressed within a new company at outstanding speeds. I have be able to read dozens of new books that have really expanded my way of thinking and seeing the world around me. I took the leap of faith and invested towards starting my own business and have been working diligently to get the process for that started. In addition I have also enrolled into university to continue my formal education along side my self education with has been an ongoing process. Most importantly I have taken massive action towards improving the overall quality of my health, mentally and physically. All the success in the world is invaluable if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it.  

As I look to my peers, I have seen others start families with the ones they love. I have watched friends develop massive success for themselves and accomplish goals they have been working relentlessly to accomplish. I have seen a few of my peers graduate from prestigious universities excited to go into the world and make an impact. Seeing my generation so determined and focus to making a change and a difference in the world around us is incredibly powerful and unifying. 

What I want to know is why are you slowing down when the finish line is right in front of you…

We have all seen from runners for example that in the last leg of the race we put all that we have left into being able to finish strong. You don’t turn to our neighbor to see where they are and then decide if we are going to keep running at the same speed or maybe even slow down a bit. We keep our head forward and our legs moving and once we have our eyes on the finish line and see that it is just a few more strides away we push until we not only reached the finish line but we are completely passing it by. 

This same attitude if applied to your relationships, business, athletics, or essentially any task that you have at hand, not only will you achieve immense success but you will feel proud knowing that you gave it your all till the end. You didn’t take you foot off the gas and just coast into the finish line. As someone who has a vision of achieving success we need to understand how successful individuals think and what allows them to become the best at their unique skill. 

It’s incredible how many emotions you feel when crossing the finish line and seeing that you are No. 1.

Marcel Hirscher

Now I know you have had a long year of successes and failures. I know that the year is almost over and as “winter break” is coming soon some of us will start to sit back and relax and say things like “Well I earned my break. I worked hard all year and I ran past my finish line already”. If this is you then awesome, go celebrate at the winners circle you earned it! Don’t lie to yourself now because the side effects subconsciously if you do will do more harm than you can imagine. If you can’t honestly say you gave this year your all and you cant honestly say that you kept pushing till you ensured that you achieved what you set your mind to and more then you are not done yet…

Dust off your shoes, and keep on running until you run past the finish line. Right when you start to slow down a bit the guy next to you wont think twice to just bolt right by you.  

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