Only talk about yourself.

Wait up, before you start to judge on thinking about how this is self-centered or egotistical think about the practical elements that I could have to argue in the sense of only talking about yourself. Now before I continue I do want to clarify this is not an ultimatum of conversation to where if you are going into business, attempting to impress someone of the opposite sex, or trying to even make a new genuine connection with someone to only talk of yourself. We have countless of books and articles written on how to effectively listen and how to respond in a manner that shows your reader you are listening and if you do need help with those areas then I do suggest you go on find an excellent book on the topic. 

This is about when it comes to content. This is about when it comes down to your “pitch”. I have made the mistake for the last 3 years of my entrepreneurship journey by talking about the success of others to help motivate and bring others to action in their own lives. I believed that if I can be a great story telling and collect all the tales of achievement I could use them like a swiss army knife to be able to motivate and inspire any one specific person. This although I felt was effective proved to make little to no effort. Let’s be honest why would you listen to me summarize a success story of someone when you can just go yourself and hear it first hand. This makes my role essentially pointless. 

What I didn’t realize I was doing to myself was more harm than good. See I felt these noble individuals were of a greater quality human than I am. I felt as if they were greater examples and stories to tell due to their grandness and sexiness which was most often just promoted by their own marketing team. I learned a valuable lesson that my experiences are more unique than anyone else. I found incredible power in being able to share my own struggles, being able to talk about how I got over something and came out a victor. Do not downplay any personal experience for less than it actually was. When we talk about our own experience they come from a place of authenticity. Your audience knowns that you have the story memorized not because you studied it diligently but due to the fact that you have this memory of the event engraved in your own mind.

I found incredible power in being able to share my own struggles

When I started off by saying “Only Talk About Yourself” I meant in the level on when it comes to sharing lessons, and creating content for others. Take pride and ownership of your own life experience and when you share your pain, weakness, and obstacles with others it opens up conversation. It creates a sense of connection with your audience as now the conversation is on a more personal level. When you are personal and honest and speak about your own stories, I am certain that not only will you feel more comfortable in your own skin, but your audience will trust you and that makes all the difference.

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