The “Hustle” Doesn’t Care How Old You Are!

“He is too young”

“She is too old”

Now I can only speak from personal experience of driving down the streets of my hometown and seeing children selling lemonade in the front of their houses. Then you have the teenagers starting to mow lawns for extra cash on the weekends. Those who have it in their blood to go and bring massive amounts of value to others and run their own lives understand that there is just nothing quite like it. Just this last week I was at the airport and I was assisting a gentleman whom I could see was in some pain walking and I so I got him a wheelchair and took him to where he needed to be. He tried to give me a cash tip but I couldn’t accept. He then asked my name and we spoke briefly before he asked if I had any contact info I could provide him with and with much excited he grabbed my business card and promised to get back in touch with me. Days later as we meet he takes genuine time to connect and build a strong relationship. After the rapport was developed he continues to then proceed to the pitch I had to hand it to him, the pitch was solid and perfectly executed, if it wasn’t for my dedicated and commitment to my current projects I would have signed and shook hands right then and there on the spot.

I felt something powerful that day, I felt a strong connection and sense of community with my life and my vision for the future. More than ever I felt confident in my skills and ability to perform at a consistent level and my vision to grow. This has transferred from when I worked as a chef in restaurants having the most immaculate and organized station to be able to perform precisely to now using the same attention to detail in my trading. I understand that with great focus, dedication and a joy for what you do, great success is achieved. Only when you love the process more than the outcome and understand the market doesn’t care how old you are, it care if you show up to the plate to swing. 

With Great Focus, Dedication and a Joy for what you do, Great Success is Achieved!

 Since when did we allow someone else to dictate at what day and age certain actions should be completed. Let’s all get on the same page here in regards to age and timing. Its all designed to allow to organize a system to help predict what will occur. We use things like age so often as a limiting belief when it comes down to being able to do something great. These stories often come from well generations and generations and generations telling the next generation what should happen when and at what age. The only problem with this ideology is that it bashes at the core elements of entrepreneurship I feel. When it comes down to bringing value to the market and highlighting your abilities to be able to achieve incredible things in life nobody cares how old you are. When it comes down it when you perform and bring value to others you win, point blank no exceptions.

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