I remember one day while I started learning how to drive my dad’s car I turned on the radio and there was a CD in the car which started to play, and I hear a pounding voice start to speak deeply and intensely. He was talking about releasing the power from within and there was screaming and clapping in the background. Confused as to what kind of weird stuff my dad was into I asked him what that all was and he tells me those are his “Tony Robbins” disks for personal development. At the time I had no clue what he was talking about and he started to explain to me how it’s important to work on your own mind and develop a strong foundation. I heard him but at the time I didn’t quite resonate with what he was saying, and I was too caught up in my own day to-day drama that I had no room to pay any attention to what this Robbins guy had to say. Fast forward now to August 2018, I am sitting front row at the Amway Arena for a Tony Robbins event and I am jumping out of my seat along with seven thousand other individuals! I am fully immersed and participating in expanding myself on multiple levels beyond my comfort zone. I am shouting at the top of my lungs. I gave out countless hugs and even told some very personal information to people I had just met that morning. All I could think about the entire time of the event was about my Father.

Let’s go back to the summer of 2012, when I was about to enter my senior year of high school.  I was nervous, scared, quite honestly feeling very lost and nebulous. I had very little quite time that summer as almost every moment was spent moving around nonstop as a young adult with endless amounts of energy. Little did I know an event was about to occur which would ultimately completely alter the course of my life in just but split second. My Father, Tony, had severe heart failure which led to his untimely passing. This was an event no human could even fathom to prepare for. I at the age of 17, I was left torn apart with an endless list of negative emotions. This event was without a doubt the tipping point in my life which altered my entire being instantly. Him passing away only serves as a tipping point from when I began to live a life of service, and abundance. The main and only reason I now choose to live a life full of service and abundance is due to my Father having modeled that to me having grown up and it had made such a massive impact on my life that is the core reason as to why I am who I am today and why I have chosen to go down my life path.

My Father always believed family was the most important thing to a man. He understood the value of quality time and genuine relationships. With that he always prepared home cooked meals to ensure that together as a family we could talk and connect. This was a chance to share our experiences from the day. We always ate dinner as a family together at the dinner table and this was something I always valued as a kid growing up. I practice this at home now with my girlfriend by preparing home cooked meals any chance I get. This opens opportunity for us to not feel pressured to fit the scene of the restaurant. We can be ourselves and talk at home over dinner which is shared at the same time. The way my father set the standard for how I feel a family dinner should have impacted me positively to want to duplicate it. 


I went to that event was because I remember growing up my Father was always in control. He remained calm and at peace with life. He held a certain posture that allowed him to perform at a higher level than other individuals. This inspired me but being that I could no longer learn from him directly I went to where he learned from. The results have been incredible! The only reason I am so passionate about giving to others, growing as a person and bring people together with food is due to my past experiences with my father impacting my life so profoundly.

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