When rubber versus steel, resilience always win!

Benjamin Franklin once said “A man (or woman) convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

This is a statement I feel very personally attached to growing up. Prior to have ever heard the quote I knew deep down inside this idea to be true. My parents would continuously attempt to convince me of ideas I couldn’t align with. School peers would try to talk to me into acting a certain way I didn’t feel appropriate. I maintained a strong sense of who I was and what I stood for and as a result I never felt inclined to sacrifice my own thoughts in the exchange of another person’s opinions.


Growing up at a young age I began asking myself questions. Questions I felt that one day if another person were to ever ask me I wanted to have an answer defined.  I spent days and days in my room with the door locked and asked myself what I wanted to become, why becoming that would be important to me. I asked myself who I would want to love, and who I would want to love me back. I asked myself how I felt in regards to controversial topics such as abortion, usage of cannabis, education, money, government, population control, astrology, and much more. I told myself I wouldn’t switch topics until I came up with a definite answer. An answer not necessarily backed up by science or popular belief but what I feel is correct. Once I came up with a personal conclusion my mind was made up. I stuck with my answer and held on to them as if they were my bible. This provided me with a great sense of stability in my life and a strong perception of who I was and what I stood for.

Years later I begin to feel slightly frustrated as my ideas on made up mind begins to contradict with much of the surrounding world. I am now given a decision to either stick firm to my thoughts or consider that I have the option to adjust my thoughts. Only when I provided myself with the possibility of changing my thoughts do I become accepting of new ideas. I reshaped my beliefs into understanding that flexibility triumphs over structure.  Flexibility is only possibly willingly not forcefully. One can not force another to become flexible it must be an adopted mindset. When you adopt the mindset of flexibility you are able to not only retain your self-identity but as well progress. Trust in yourself to make the right choice, and always keep your mind open to all your options! Until next time, make today the best day ever!


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