Take the first shot!

Eyes locked, you start to feel the sweat drip out your pores. You notice a sudden increase in the speed at which your heart is beating against the cage of your ribs. Suddenly each second feels like a thousand years as your mind is racing at unmeasurable speeds. Unsure of how the next second will turn out you tremble in the nervous build up of suspense. In the most precious moments where your life is on the line you pause for just another second, then you hear the loud bang of gunpowder igniting through the barrel. Another second passes and you feel a rush of sensation run through your arms a sudden tingling in your legs and a palpitation in your breath. You have a bullet sitting in your lungs and you fall to your knees lay your head on the floor and get colder as the seconds pass…


You go through all the motions, you rehearse lines over and over again in the mirror, acting out pre-generated facial expressions to add to your arsenal. Tonight is the night that you conquer the crippling fear of


going out and talking to an attractive individual in hope of creating a new acquaintance with the hopes of it being a romantic one. The music is soft in the background and conversations vibrate the air. You head to the bartender to grab your prop for the night so that you portray the appearance that you are in your natural habitat and you begin to scan the area. Your eyes snap towards another who is removed from the crowd. You feel drawn towards them as if some force is calling you over. Stunned by beauty unable to move you instantly forget all your planning. Quickly you realize time is of the essence and you attempt to compose yourself and contemplate internally the perfect method of approach. You adjust your posture and rearrange your hairstyle while simultaneously straightening out any creases on your shirt. Just in the exact moment that you begin to lift up your leg to take the first step towards the stranger across the room you freeze. For someone else has sparked a conversation. A certain someone with mangled hair, wrinkled shirt and a certain slouch to their back that appear they would need a medical brace. While you are standing still at the bar with a $12 prop in hand in surrounded by dozens of people feeling as if you are in solitude….

The numbers are all in place. You have the right team picked out. The plan is flawless and you clearly see the direction and vision that lies ahead. A new business is being presented to you and a couple of other individuals. The timing is in your favor and you have the decision of a lifetime to make that can shape the outcome of not only your future but as well the future of your entire family to make. The pressure is on and you are fighting for a single seat. You understand that the choice to continue forward with the deal will come with massive responsibility. You are also well aware that it comes with an incredible amount of respect, admiration, and you will have the ability to accomplish things which you always dreamed of. You are side by side with others who are presented the same opportunity and after much discussion it is time to decide. You feel unsure in yourself, you question the numbers, you begin to doubt the path ahead. You respectfully decline the offer to jump aboard the team. You go back to your current position and the next day you are given a new assignment which begins to take up most of your time and you get completely caught up day and night focusing on the completion. A year passes and on the news you see a group of similar faces, the same group that sat next to you in a small room now stands on the front page as they broke a million dollar in sales in their first year…


All 3 events have a similar theme. An individual faced with a decision and has the option to act yet in all 3 scenarios internal conversation begins to take place. Their internal voice begins to doubt, deny and question. They become stunned by the capacity of where we currently stand. They feel as if they need to perfect every aspect in their control prior to executing. As a result, in their moments of contemplation and analyzation they become paralyzed. Due to their paralysis of over analyzation another person acts. They act with what appears less effort, they can be unorganized in their approach yet they end up succeeding. When it comes down to why, it’s because they took the first shot. They didn’t wait till all the stars lined up, they made the moment theirs.

This is something I have had trouble with overcoming myself. I have failed many times at multiple things in my life due the fact I spent more time thinking about what I should do as compared to doing what I think about. I believed that prior to attempting anything a massive amount of preparation and coordination must be done to ensure no aspects are missed. I was very wrong. I realized how wrong I was when I saw people who I personal believed were underqualified completing tasks I was still preparing for. So if you take anything out of this, I hope its to not wait. I hope you feel the urgency to go after that what you most dream of. I hope you feel pressured to not waste time for a so-called perfect moment because it will never come. We make them. We define them. Do not wait for someone else to tell you all about it, go and experience it firsthand for yourself!

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