Talking to myself


From the moment we wake up, we have that little voice talking in our heads. We say more to ourselves than we do to other people.  These conversations we have with ourselves can either empower us or cripple us. It took me many years to understand this concept. I’ve spent more years of my life thinking negatively and with constraining thoughts that limited my abilities. I always found ways to prove myself right, even when the thoughts were negative. So by simply changing the dialogue I was having with myself I found I still found ways to prove myself right.

I HATE being wrong, and I am sure you also can agree. Our brains are wired to not be wrong. When we state an idea in our minds we manifest it into reality. So growing up when I told myself I was short, weak, nerdy and so on, I acted and held myself to that standard to ensure that I was right.

Now when I wake up I tell myself, I am healthy, friendly, exciting, loving and intelligent I act in a way that supports these thoughts. I don’t say this to flaunt about my ego or to stress my achievements. I share this with you to demonstrate the power of the words we say to ourselves have in our world. I share this to say how I wasn’t always like this, I didn’t always think this way, but I made a choice to start.

So when you are ready, you will decide to speak to yourself in a powerful manner that shapes your behaviors. You won’t ever be ready by waiting for the perfect moment, because when the moment comes it will be too late. I can’t decide when the moment of change will be, but I can promise you that you can change the conversations you have with yourself. Speak empowering words, believe you can, act accordingly, and keep at it till you win!

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