“Sit Down, Be Humble”

“Being Humble” I initially had a problem with this concept for a large portion of my life. I grew up with an extraordinary sense of confidence to the point where other peers saw me to be cocky and arrogant believing to know everything in the world. I would continuously shut other people up with the reply “I know” which would only reaffirm my arrogance and inability to genuinely listen. This resulted in many people choosing to no longer want to share with me new ideas or information being that they were conditioned to me telling them that I knew everything already and stop them in their tracks! All through high school and college I persisted with the mindset that all the information out there in the world I had known and I had shut down my ability to retain new info. I was stunting my growth be believing I had already fully grown. This greatly hurt me for then others began to surpass me in multiple aspects of life from financially to academically.

It hit me hard. I hard to accept and change my way of thinking to realize I had much to learn by understanding that everyone in the world is an expert in something and that someone will always know more about a specific topic than another person will. So upon adopting this idea I became obsessed with discovering what an individual’s area of expertise is. I would speak to people intently with the focus of learning what drives them and what they could teach me. I would deeply focus my attention and discover what drives them personally and recognized the individuality and power of that person’s passion and how much respect I have towards that individual. I had to force myself to accept that in the grand scheme of life I really knew nothing compared to the accumulation of knowledge spread throughout the rest of the world.


So before you convince yourself you know how something is, how something works or how something is done, listen. Take in the ideas and thoughts of another individual who has done it, who has gone through it and listen to how their experience was. Now when it comes down to who’s opinions you listen to take great into consideration the source, would you prefer to take music lessons from someone who gave up playing an instrument because it was too hard, or someone who has toured the world performing grand conciertos. Would you prefer taking business advice from a multimillionaire who has an incredible track record or someone who is filing bankruptcy. Be mindful of who you speak to and humble yourself mentally to be able to receive value from other individuals. Only once you remove yourself from your own pedestal and place others on there will you be valued equally. 

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