Readjust your lense

Imagine a photo taken of a group of 3 friends standing in the midst of a large crowd. The background in a city with lights beaming in the background. You see them dressed light clothing, one wearing a hat. Two of the people are smiling and the third is staring off into the distance with a shocked impression on his face.

Do you know what sort of gathering they are at? Do you know the season of the year? Do you know how many other people are at the location? Do you know what the third person is so in shock about? So many factors of the image are left unknown out of reach yet you will most likely use what you can see to make an assumption of the event and what is going on. Our mind likes to fill in the gaps mentally. We take only that what we can see and make conclusions based on the info we are given.

What happens when we pull back the focus and take in the full picture. This is often difficult especially in the scenario that there are factors in the image left unseen. This applies to many other factors as well. There will always be more than the eye can see.

There is always plenty going on behind the scenes and it is important to not be superficial in our daily lives. To focus on digging deeper and obtaining a more complete image of the events at play. Only when we can readjust our focus and begin to take in all that is visible and that which cannot be seen can we fully understand our surrounding and what is going on and how to appropriately go about something specific.

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