When I Fail, I learn

I used to beat myself up when I would not “win”.  Growing up I played guitar and I only had a teacher for the first 6 months. After that I just resorted to Youtube videos and online tutorials to be able to learn from there. Consistently I had trouble with the tempo or mastering the picking pattern of the piece I was learning. This although very frustrating taught me all the ways to not play the song and eventually I stayed practicing and got creative and eventually was able to play the piece seamlessly.

At the age of 21 I began looking into the stock market. I had no idea of how to analyze the data or how to place trades appropriately.  I took a course in person with someone recommended to me. After 3 months of reviewing the info and studying vigilantly I felt the confidence to jump into the market and begin trading! Within the first week I had lost nearly $500 which at the time was a lot of money for me and I sank in my chair beating myself over the fact I had completely failed in my first week. I had two options I could have closed the accounts and accepted that I am terrible and tell myself that trading isn’t for me, or I could look deeply at the information and seek why I lost the money. I could think back to how I felt when I placed the trade and come up with a conclusion as to where my error was made to not allow the same mistakes to be repeated.

When I started my first sales job and took the initiative to do my first product presentation, it was embarrassing how bad it was.  I had a business partner tell me afterwards how he was happy he could be there to watch one of the worst presentations I have ever done, and will ever do. He recorded me so then I could watch how I spoke afterwards and it was sad just to watch me ramble on about me, me, me, and go on spiraling tangents off topic. He taught me how to focus and bring the attention to the other person. At the end of the day what you have to offer might not be for everyone. What is vital is that you listen to the person you are talking to figure out why it is that person requires your product or service. Be genuine and focus on the needs and wants of the other person.


I am will never be perfect, I will never be always right. I will do everything possible to continuously improve the quality of my actions to be most effective and I personally enjoy when I completely am terrible at something. The reason being is that I know I at least tried and if the activity is something worth getting great at then I will take in any feedback I can get so then the next attempt I make will be executed at a higher level of excellence! 

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