What is your investment strategy?

So let’s back it up just a little bit so you can get the full picture. I didn’t know a single thing about the stock market this time last year. I had no resources, no money to invest with, no teachers or family members I could learn from but I sure was curious.

I attended a free seminar November of 2016 with “Get Motivated” and met Les Brown. For those who have never heard of the name before I highly recommend after reading this post, you google Les Brown and learn about his story and listen to how he speaks and take notes as if your life depended on it. Aside from that he introduce us to a young individual who took the stage and shared his massive success in the stock market. Initially I felt like it was simply one of those get rich quick gurus sharing his concept on how to be able to rig the stock market.

I also knew that this was an individual that Les Brown had invited to speak, and that he would not do anything that could potentially ruin his reputation. So I with an open mind I listen to all he had to share and within the short 45 minutes of him speaking I knew I had to learn more.

He began to wrap up his speech and offered a 3-day course for $500 to learn in detail how to use his system and to learn how to trade in the modern-day and age we live in today. So fast forward 8 months later I have been able to earn more in the first 2 hours of my day that I used to make in a whole week of working at my last job.

When I went to Miami on friday I had the chance to speak to someone who has been investing in the 6 figure range for the last 20 years and speak to him one on one about different trading style. Here I felt I would be learning a thing or two from him and it turns out I started teaching him new strategies and styles of trading.

Never did I imagine I would be sitting in an office of a full-time investor teaching him new investment ideas. This just goes to show that you don’t know, what you don’t know and that with technology automating every aspect of our life it is important to stay attentive to catch the trends that are developing on a daily basis. I am not expert in what I do, there are people out there who are much better than I am, and in the same sense there are plenty of people who are too scared to even look at the stock market.

If you do have interest in trading, or are currently trading I would love to hear your personal intake on how it has been going for you. What would you consider to be your style?

Are you more attentive and fast paced or more hands off and looking for the long-term returns? Please reach out to me i’d love to share in more detail my style and how I have had my success as well hear from you your opinions or questions when it comes to investing and really just learn about who you are, why you started trading and what you goal is with becoming and investor!

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