Exploring 100 year old Villa Vizcaya

A short 10 minute drive south of Downtown Miami and you have the gorgeous and breathtaking Villa of Vizcaya! Certainly a sight all must see for themselves from the endless view of the ocean from the backyard all the way to the intricate gardens where ever leave is perfectly in order. With a student ID you get a great discount into the Villa and garden making it a great place for young adults to explore.

The two story villa was build 100 years ago and is still in immaculate condition. The artwork all throughout the inside will have you staring at the walls for hours. The layout of the villa provided for excellent sunlight in the morning and for a perfect venue to entertain guests.

My girlfriend and I were fortunate to be able to travel down to Miami to visit this incredible location and adventure through all the parts of the gardens and mangroves. We were not the only ones who felt it would be a great day to visit as there were wedding and Quinceanera photos being taken from different parts of the gardens. I can see now why this is such a popular spot to visit.

Although I had heard of this place many times from friends and family it wasn’t until I went personally to experience that I understood fully that magnitude of the villa. As many things in life one can not simply read about it or watch a video of it, one must experience it first hand. We did personally pick up on a lot of symbolism throughout and wanted to ask if anyone else who has visited could say the same!

From the unique creatures sculpted which have never before been seen to the drawings of ominous figures and dark themes throughout I would love to hear your perception on the artwork displayed throughout the Villa de Vizcaya.

Do not allow yourself to live through the lens of another person, create your own story and share your own ideas. They are yours and the moment you own them and decide to create your own story instead of living through the stories of others is when you truly begin to take control of how your story is told and shared with the world.

Thanks again for your time I appreciate you deeply on an intimate level and I look forward to hearing about your story and how you see the world around you!!

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