I know nothing!

I never started this page to brag or demonstrate the immense knowledge I posses. At the time of writing this I am 22 years young, I have a piece of paper from a college with my name on it saying I have experience in aviation management. I have work experience as a chef in multiple different restaurants throughout Florida.

I will never consider myself an expert in aviation, or culinary arts, or even travelling or trading stocks. Although I have tried each of these things out. I am not an expert in creating website or managing my social media, but I spend a few hours a day maintaining my tools to communicate with people my age.  Anyone who claims to be an expert in anything is full of themselves and needs to step down from the pedestal they are placing themselves on.

Warren Buffett spends hours a day reading and learning more on products and investing and the market and how to expand his understanding of what is going on around him regardless of the billions he has made. Muhammed Ali who gets paid millions just for a single fight spends hours a day training and practicing and enhancing his skills.

I am not the best at what I do, there are countless others around the world doing what I want to do “better”. That will never deter me from going after that I wish to accomplish. We all have our journey we all have our progression of steps of growth we need to take towards achieving the things we want to do in life. This is my process. This is my journey. This is my way of documenting the things I am doing on a regular basis towards achieving the things I have set plans to complete.

On that note I am taking active steps to not simply share the things I am learning and accomplishing but I am passionate in reaching out to others and sharing feedback, contributing my ideas and concerns when it comes to other individuals thoughts and converting them into action.

At the end of the day I am no different or better than anyone of you reading this, in the same way that nobody reading this is better than I am. We all have an equal playing field and we need to take into consideration that competition of intellectual skill will not be the factor that provides the most growth in this day and age.

We need to focus on cooperation through using emotional connections and not hide behind the computer as a faceless being but instead embrace the change that is occurring worldwide and be strong and wise with the words we choose to put out into the universe. We need to be strong with our ideas and follow through with necessary action to accomplish all that we wish to do in life and more.

Photo: “Temple Bar Square”- Dublin, Ireland

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