Getting Recognized

The single largest advantage anyone can have in any industry is simply getting recognized. If that means going for a promotion in your current job, or seeking employment in a new industry or even getting a date with someone you have been crushing on for a while, the single most important critical point that will get you one step closer to getting accepted or getting their number or even closing the deal first starts off with getting recognized.

Nobody hiding in the shadows ever achieved massive amounts of success in any field of their life. You need to get your name out there in the mouths of other people. When it comes to doing this effectively and productively you need to identify what you are going for and take necessary action towards getting yourself the appropriate attention

. So this means physically communicating with other people and telling them first off your name!!! When you say your name you need to let them know that you are someone of value and importance, show that you matter but showing that your greatly value you audience!

To whomever it is you are speaking with if you genuinely show them your interest and your character is one not to be ignored they will proceed by showing you the attention and respect you are demanding, nonverbaly of course.

Once you step out of your comfort zone and start shaking more hands meeting more people and getting your face shown more in public greater doors will open ahead and you will be able to have a much larger impact in the world due to your circle of influence constantly being expanded. Keep consistently showing up and your dedication to no longer be invisible will be made noteworthy through your actions and you will be recognized for your persistence. Those who do not know you will learn who you are and what you stand for.  Then it will get to the point where you are not needing to introduce yourself as you walk in the room but others will introduce you to others are you enter!


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