Immense Action

Too often we get stuck in the planning process. We spend hours organizing and creating a structure on how to do things that when it comes down to actually making a change and creating something of meaning we push the necessary actions to the last possible minute.

Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the creating a list of the things you need to accomplish and the tasks necessary to get yourself one step closer to your goals.

Find that one thing you need to do, that one person you need to talk to, that one phone call you need to make to get yourself one step closer and take it. The sooner you take that one step the sooner you can then start making your way towards creating the future you knew you were meant to live.  Commit first and figure it all out later!

I have had no experience in creating a website. I have not taken any courses. I knew nothing on how to be able to share with the world the things I have been up to and how it has been possible for me to start designing the life I once dreamed of living.

I simply knew if I kept watching others do that which I wanted to do I personally would never see myself accomplishing those things. So I took the leap in creating this website knowing it would be a great tool to connect with amazing people internationally. I payed for the domain and then started learning how to create the page afterwards. I now have this blank canvas to where I can do anything imagine. The possibilities are endless with this page just like with ourselves. We are all born with a blank canvas to paint the world we dream of living in.

Nobody else can paint it for you. I will never be able to decide how your mural will end up looking or what story you will tell how how many lives you will change. Only you can decide the impact you will have on the world. Make it a responsibility to become to greatest version of yourself.

Make it an obligation to constantly enhance yourself and to fulfill your potential. The only limits ahead are the ones you have placed before you! Many more posts to come in the future speaking of the goals I have, the places I will visit and to success that is soon to be accomplished!

I welcome anyone to join with me in progressing our mindsets, our finances and most importantly our overall well-being!

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